Tyndale Community School

Working with Chapel Street Community Schools Trust, we applied to the Department for Education in February 2012 to start a new primary school in Oxford in September 2013. Last July we heard that permission had been given, and work then began in earnest to get the school open.

One area of work has been a further consultation with local people and stakeholders, including councillors, existing schools, faith groups, humanists, MPs, teachers unions, emergency services, businesses and many more. In total, we made direct contact with over 800 people and had written replies from about 250 of them. We discovered overwhelming support for the school, with 82% of people supporting the school opening and just 5% opposed to it.

We have so far recruited just one member of staff, our Principal Designate, Liz Russo. Liz is a wonderful addition to the local Tyndale team, and gives a huge boost to our confidence that the vision for a distinctly Christian school serving an entire local community will come to pass. Further jobs, including several for reception teachers and teaching assistants will be advertised on the school website (www.tyndalecommunityschool.co.uk) around Eastertime.

We have also worked very hard on (and prayed very hard about!) marketing the school to local parents. Special thanks go to Rich and Kate Colbrook, whose help has taken us well past the number of applicants that we need to get the go-ahead to open this school with a reception class for 60 children in September.

At the time of writing, the main remaining hurdle is gaining planning permission for the use of our preferred site, the former Lord Nuffield Club. By the time you read this, that matter will have been considered for a second time by the planning committee, and there will be new things to pray for, as we head towards welcoming the first children in less than six months’ time.

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