Central Region Update

At our regional celebration in January, we welcomed Katherine Ruonala (known to many from the Salt & Light ‘Transform’ summer camp last summer), who led us into a time of spiritual refreshing. As she prophesied concerning church life and spoke about a new wave of the Spirit’s work amongst us, and said to us, ‘Wakey, wakey!’ Our ears pricked up because Roy Godwin had spoken to our regional celebration last September about precisely that, as he exhorted us to wake up from spiritual slumber.

Since then, the level of prayer and our hunger for fresh divine activity have been growing. There has been a growing engagement with the ‘Breathe’ pattern of daily prayer (see www.occ.org.uk/breathe), and our monthly Sunday ‘Outbreak’ meetings for unhurried prayer, praise and prophecy are drawing more and more people from far and wide.

We recently had a Saturday morning for people working with youth, with equipping on how to deal with difficult behaviour and how to help teenagers grow spiritually. Thirty people came together from our four churches, representing professional youth workers, plus volunteers working with loads of different projects, including the Leys Youth Programme, Kidlington Youth Programme (which has connected with 300 young people since it started 18 months ago), CrossFire, OCC’s Guides and Rangers, and the Oxford church youth group – BISCUITS.

It is also great to see a number of teams currently forming who will go and plant churches amongst unreached people groups. This is something we have prayed about for years, Keith Elmitt and Andy O’Connell have been playing a key role in the whole UK Salt & Light network to bring this about, and it is now starting to happen!

In the local churches, we have seen baptisms in the Leys, Bicester and Oxford since the New Year, and we are seeing new people joined into all of our churches. Thank you Lord!

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