One small step & a giant leap!

One small step & a giant leap!

Neil Armstrong’s famous words were heard by half a billion people as they watched on television when he stepped down the ladder onto the surface of the moon in 1969. It was a moment shared across the planet and probably felt hugely significant to all who saw it.

Sometimes when you receive a prophetic word it hits you between the eyes and you immediately understand the meaning of it or can see the direct implications; at other times the significance emerges much more slowly as God reveals the other parts of the picture. It seems that there have been a number of words like this that God has spoken in the last couple of years.

At our last regional celebration, Paul Meathrel brought a word about moving chess pieces:


God wants us to be a more mobile people. I saw picture as I was praying a chessboard with pieces being moved. There are many reasons that we can move house, better area, bigger house, larger garden. God wants us to allow him to move us strategically for the Kingdom. There are some people here who were thinking about moving house God wants to move you strategically. That might mean moving somewhere you don't like, somewhere where you don't know people, somewhere you have no friends but these are strategic moves for the Kingdom.

God wants us to invest in the Kingdom.


It was part of a prophetic thrust that emerged throughout the celebration about being willing to trust God & move out with him. As I was leading the meeting, I felt that this was a word to which we needed to respond.  As we opened up the opportunity for people to take an active step, to say ‘Yes Lord! I’m available’ I cast my gaze around the room thinking that God was surely speaking to more people than had immediately stepped forward for ministry.

I like to think that God was enjoying the joke; chuckling to himself at my lack of insight, knowing full well that I should have been one of the first to throw the keys to our house on the altar as a declaration of our willingness to move wherever he wants us.

It was a few weeks later, at a regional away day that Matt Biddlecombe took us back to that word, he said “We need to be surrendered to our part, letting God move us into position whether it’s a small step or large.” Kneeling down I prayed and offered myself afresh. I was clueless about what was shortly to unfold!

The small step of surrender is so often a giant leap for God’s people – it is the point at which we step off the ladder, leave all our supports behind and say that we are resolved to be obedient whatever the cost. It is the giant leap of throwing ourselves into the arms of God and suddenly finding ourselves thrust into something bigger than we could possibly imagine.

We see just such a moment in the story of Esther. There is a plot to destroy God’s people and Esther alone has access to the king so her cousin and guardian Modecai asks her to plead on their behalf. The situation is risky, Esther would be throwing herself on the mercy of the king, but having resolved to take the small step of surrender; she sends word to Mordecai saying ‘I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish.’

Esther’s small step was a giant leap for God’s people, it resulted in royal protection and joyous celebration as the plot against the Jews unravelled. We see the same thing outworked in many of our favourite bibles stories: David against Goliath, Daniel and the lions, Gideon, Moses, Joshua, Nehemiah.

These are days in which God is speaking to us with fresh clarity about being a mobile people, being willing to respond to his call to move, allowing the kingdom call to silence every other demand on our attention. And God is still inviting us to take that one small step; you might be amazed at what a giant leap it turns out to be.

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