Global Missions Update - what is happening

Across our churches we have a history of active involvement in the nations. Over the years many folk have gone from among us to serve the Lord overseas, some for just short periods of time but many with a long-term call. That willingness to go is still very much evident across our churches there; now the where and how we go is changing. Over the past couple of years God has been speaking to many in Oxfordshire and beyond about a new focus on those areas of the world where the gospel is yet to make an impact, areas where there are few if any Christians. Together with other churches in Salt & Light we are building a new initiative ‘to work together to make disciples among the least reached’. 

This is a significant change for us. Previously we have worked mainly where churches were already established who we could partner with. Now we are looking to go where there is no church. So how do we do that? By partnering with those who have the expertise for such adventures. In particular, we are partnering with two mission agencies who have experience at working in Muslim nations, and nations where there is no established church.

So if the ‘where ‘ is different, so is the ‘how’. Rather than folk going it alone, we are looking to see teams emerge from across, not just OCC churches, but with other Salt and Light churches in the UK too. Here in Oxfordshire we find ourselves at the vanguard of what God is doing. Of the three teams we expect to see take shape in coming months, two are led by people from OCC. A number of folk who believe God is speaking to them about becoming part of these adventures have been meeting together in recent months – where almost half of them are from OCC too.

So it’s exciting days – God is speaking about a new initiative in mission and we have the privilege of getting involved on what he is doing. 

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