Global Missions Update - West Africa Team

We are from Oxford Community Church. Since 2005 we have been part of church planting efforts among the Fulani in Africa. We are now recruiting a new team to go back to a new region, a place where there has never been any church or apostolic outreach.

The Fulani are shepherds and cattle herders at heart, their lives revolving around the needs and migrations of their animals. This makes them more like the families of the Old Testament patriarchs such as Abraham than us. Living with them has taught us so much about the shepherd heart of God, and presented us with the challenge and privilege of sharing that with them. They have never heard God described as their shepherd before. When they do, it moves many of them to tears. We live with them and share stories about God with them as we prayerfully watch for the ‘people of peace’ who will provide open doors into communities for the proclamation of the good news. They have the New Testament and snippets of the Old Testament in their language, with the full Old Testament expected in 2017.

We are committed to holistic outreach, seeking ways to serve and bless our neighbours, helping to lift them out of poverty in ways that build trust between us and open further pathways into communities.

We are looking to recruit people who are already serving in their home churches, and who are ready to follow God in community with us as his disciples. Candidates would also need to be able to speak French at least to a good grade at GCSE level. All sorts of skills could be turned to service on our team, but we are particularly looking for healthcare professionals of any sort and anyone with a practical skill in areas such as computers, TEFL, engineering, gardening or husbandry. Families, singles and empty-nesters are all welcome! To begin with we are asking for minimum commitments of two years. If you are interested in talking to us further about this, please talk to your leaders and have them get in touch with Keith Elmitt at the Oxford Church.





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