Global Missions Update - Bringing Rain in the Desert

God has called to bring “Rain in the Desert” and “Mercy to a thirsty land.” We are going to Eastern Sahara – and we want you to come too! It is one of the most remote places on earth and home to about eight million people from thirty different tribes. It has suffered from centuries of poverty and decades of war, and it is almost 100% Muslim. There are no Bibles, no Churches and almost no Christians. It has often been called ‘God-forsaken’, but we know that this is not true. God loves these people and has not forsaken them, and that is why he is sending us – and you too. Two thousand years ago Jesus said “Go”, and today we say “here am I – send me!” This October we will board an airplane and fly away to Africa. We believe God is going to use us to transform thousands of lives in Eastern Sahara – both spiritually and practically. We will combine our passion for the Gospel with our passion for helping the poor and needy. We will be engaged in water development – drilling wells to provide clean water and improving sanitation and hygiene in refugee camps. We want to live among the people, love them, serve them, and tell them about the good news of Jesus – and see a church flourish among the ‘Makanese’ people for the first time in history. 

“One in a Million”

After a bumpy ride in a jeep across meandering tracks and through sandy villages, we arrive at the border town we were aiming for. My tongue sticking to my mouth whilst sweat trickles down the back of my neck, we gasp down some water before setting out to visit a particular lady that we had heard much about. Wrapping my lafaya around me (a colourful piece of fabric covering everything from my ankles to my head) we walk towards her mud-built hut. A partially-blind woman, stooped over, with her lafaya trailing along the ground, comes to meet us with a warm embrace and refreshing watermelon. She’s maybe the only known believer in her tribe. One in a million! Sitting cross-legged on a mat in the shade I’m reminded of how I never imagined I would be here, but how glad I am that God has led me to this place. His plans are so much greater than mine. This elderly lady, unable to read the Word herself due to poor eyesight, sings to me Psalm 23 in her own language with a cracked voice. I am grateful for this small glimpse of what this future church will be. With humble expectation I can’t wait to see what God does as He sends us out. 

“Our First steps” 

So what is life going to be like? Well from the first day we are going to launch into studying Arabic in the mornings and working for a water development NGO in the afternoons. We will completely immersed in local life, and despite (I’m sure) many cultural blunders along the way, we will seek to become like the people we want to reach – all things to all men! This strange new world will bit by bit become our new home. And most importantly, we are there for a reason: to bring the good news of Jesus. This is a land in darkness, and Jesus is the light of the world, and we are His witnesses. Now let me warn you all: there will be no Sunday roasts, no cinemas and no pubs. British rain will be replaced by Saharan sandstorms, Christmas will be replaced by Eid, and no-one (literally no-one) will speak English. There are no churches for fellowship, and very few creature comforts; and at night it will sometimes be so hot that we cannot sleep. But for all the hardships and struggles, there is still the great privilege of serving King Jesus each day. We must run the race of life, obey God wholeheartedly and so live a life laid down for the sake of the Kingdom. Heaven will be all the sweeter if life is all the harder. Your part to playBut we cannot do this alone, and we are relying on you all for your prayers, your encouragement and your financial support – and so in a profound way you can come with us on this adventure – please join us! How about it? Email us: 


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