Appointed and Anointed

It is incredibly reassuring and releasing to know that what God ‘appoints’, he also anoints.

If we are left to our own human efforts, we will never get near the hopes and dreams that God has put in our hearts.

Anointing is a biblical idea of “divine favour, enabling and empowering for a task or role”. We read in the Old Testament of key people being anointed by God, in order to fulfil their calling. The great news is that the New Testament is about an anointing on every one – all flesh!

Whatever God has called us to… he has enabled us to do it.

Recently I was praying for the healing of a man’s hand and became very conscious of that obvious truth: I had no ability whatsoever to heal anyone! I looked at his hand and the damage done meant he couldn’t bend his thumb or index finger. However, I was reminded that Jesus empowered his disciples for this very task… to heal and bring freedom from ailments. The man began to move his finger and thumb, was thrilled with God and rejoiced loudly! It was God’s empowering, His enabling, His healing and His glory!

As we move more and more towards being a ‘mission-focussed’ people, we want to be reminded of that fundamental truth: That God has promised to go with us wherever we go. His presence (anointing) is not just helpful to us, it is absolutely imperative.

This is especially relevant when we are in times of transition, God appears to emphasise that he will be with us. (For example, Joshua about to go into the land, Jesus about to ascend into heaven.) As Oxfordshire Community Churches moves into a new era of more localised regions, it is a fantastic opportunity for fresh creativity, growth and development. God is calling many people higher in their roles and tasks. The great news is… he has anointed us for the task!!

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