God's Power Today

There are three important steps that those who desire to experience the miraculous power of God need to take in order to move in the right direction:

1)    The first step takes you out of your comfort zone

This is a huge challenge for many of us. It means being willing to move away from the safety and security of the familiar, trusting someone else to lead you instead, going where you haven’t been before. For me, my initial step into the miraculous was totally unexpected, something which I didn’t even feel prepared for. Yet whilst my experience is undoubtedly unique, the principle is the same for everyone. That is a requirement to have complete and utter faith in God no-matter what circumstance seems to be before you. But like the mother eagle who swoops down to catch her eaglets when they’re learning to fly, so the Lord is always there for you. He is your guide and it’s a matter of believing in him, confident that he knows the way ahead.

2)    The second step takes you into the unknown

Seeing more of the miraculous is a journey after all. Each miracle is different, just as every leaf has a distinct design or all finger prints are uniquely lined. This is where courage must rise up. Some miracles are spectacular. Others aren’t. Some involve deliverance from circumstances while others are to do with provision of strength to go through challenges.    

3)    The third step takes you beyond yourself

A miracle is an extra-ordinary event initiated by divine authority. They don’t happen by the abilities of humans but come about by the power of God. Yet there are undoubted instances of human faith playing an important role in seeing the miraculous happen, even if reason is challenged in the process. We do well to heed the wise words of Proverbs 3:5 ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding’. 


George Harrison, member of the Beatles, was a spiritual seeker all his life. He once stated: ‘My purpose in life is to find out who am I, why am I here and where am I going – that’s what we all need answering.’ What he was saying is that most people’s life quest is to discover identity, purpose and destiny. He was right: it’s just that so many people seek all the right things in all the wrong places. Yet in Christianity lies the answer: Jesus Christ. Not a religion but a person. He offers reality, fulfilment and wholeness. In him we find identity, purpose and destiny. Surely the multitudes flocked to Jesus because they saw someone who was authentic, offering genuine solutions to their real needs. Christ’s message has not changed. He is the same yesterday, today and forever!

In an age that is often closed to organized religion but open to the spiritual , the church needs to rediscover its God-given mandate to minister in the miraculous . To do so is to demonstrate signs to make people wonder – so that they may be shaken from their doubts and disbelief and come in awe and wonder to the God of wonder, who longs to know them and restore them into an eternal friendship with himself.

Whilst western culture is generally not enamored by dry Christianity, in my experience, I’ve found that the vast majority of un-churched people who I have spoken to are open to God. They’re searching for wholeness, longing for fulfillment and desperate for reality. It’s just that so many people seek the right things in the wrong places. C. S. Lewis astutely observed that many people are blind to the obvious so need something to get their attention. Surely the multitudes flocked to see Jesus because they saw someone who was authentic, offering real solutions to their real needs.

So you want to see more of God’s power in your life? Well if you do, it’s about living with a conviction that nothing is too difficult with God, no-matter how difficult the situation. He is looking for people of faith. Clever arguments and endless debates are not going to make a difference in a world that’s in desperate need. It is people who know what it is to see the power of God manifested through their lives. When Jesus died on the cross and rose again from the dead, he not only made it possible for us to receive his forgiveness but his ascension made way for the coming of the Holy Spirit so that every Christian can be empowered carry on his work. Miracles are an intrinsic part of God’s good news. The possibilities of what God can do through a person who is truly full of his Spirit are endless.

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